Concentrated Odor Suppressant
Eliminates and Destroys Odors without masking odors by attacking the molecular structure of any smell that offends you; Stale Urine, Vomit, Cigar Smoke, Fungus, Fish, even Skunk. Citrus / Apple 16 Oz. Non-Aerosol
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Specifically Formulated to Absorb, Solidify, and Deodorize Potentially Hazardous Liquids With Exceptional Ease and Safe Cleanup and Disposal. Absorbs 80-100 Times Its Weight. Non-Toxic and Biodegradable. USDA Approved .5 Lb. 16 Oz. Non-Aerosol
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Environmentally Safe Elimination of Grease - Slime - Odor
Orange Solv + incorporates an all natural citrus-based formula that quickly dissolves grease and eliminates buildup that could clog drains. Non-Acid, Non-Caustic, Non-Flammable USDA Approved Fresh Citrus  20 Oz. Non-Aerosol
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Citrus Scented Drain Line Opener & Maintainer - New and Improved!!
Dissolves Hair, Soap Scum, and Slime. Flushes Urinal Salts from Urinal Traps. No Fumes ! Leaves a Pleasant Citrus Scent. Restores Drains to Full Flow and Will Not Harm Pipes or Fittings. Biodegradeable. USDA Approved. Citrus / Apple  16 Oz. Non-Aerosol
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Special Purpose Lubricant
A Non-Greasy, Non-Staining, Water Resistant Lubricant With Silicone
SPL is the ideal product to stop sticking, squeaking and binding of doors, windows, drawers, pulleys, hinges, bolts, etc. In offices, it is ideal for use on the various moving parts of your office equipment and furniture. It helps preserve tools and machinery by reducing rust and prevents the sticking of dirt, dust snow, etc. to these tools while in use.
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